For over 25 years, Jo Anne Bruzgul and her team have dedicated themselves to providing expert individualized attention for each & every client they serve. But you don’t just have to take their word for it; here are a few testimonials from satisfied clients.

Their stories are each fascinatingly different. But their relationship with Jo Anne Bruzgul and her team at Bruzgul & Associates is remarkably the same.

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Craig Silva, divorce client


“When Debra left Georgia and moved to Chicago with my two daughters, I thought that I might never see them again.  Jo Anne turned out to be a godsend.  After the divorce, I still live over 900 miles away from my daughters but have daily phone contact with them and they spend most vacations with me. Jo Anne is an advocate, a protector and a warrior with integrity. I am forever grateful to her and I wholeheartedly recommend Jo Anne.”




Mario S., administrator of estate


“After our parents died, there was dissension and arguments amongst the six adult children. I turned to Jo Anne for assistance to resolve the complex family issues and also the handling of land in Mexico. She used her many talents to advise me and coached me to develop solutions to resolve the probate cases for both of my parents. She helped me to deal with these very stressful conditions and also to develop skills and confidence for the rest of my life. Jo Anne Bruzgul is an attorney who “thinks out of the box”. I will be forever indebted to her.”





Ernesto C, entrepreneur & small business owner

Entrepreneur“Jo Anne is one tough no nonsense attorney.  When my business partner and wife locked me out of the office and the business, Jo Anne was there for me.  My divorce was complex involving a professional practice, extensive real estate holdings and other investments. I will be forever indebted to her for helping me through this dark period, not just with my business, but personally. I trust Jo Anne to handle any and all crucial legal matters for me. She is my friend and advisor.”



Cheryl, estate executor

Contract Law

“After two lawyers who didn’t get the job done, I found Jo Anne. She untangled the disastrous mess that my last lawyer had
made of the probate case.  This enabled me to complete the administration of the estate and distribute the assets to the heirs.  Yes, I would recommend her to anyone.  If you have any questions she is the one to ASK.”




Jim, divorce client

Pre-Divorce Planning

“Married for 18 years, my wife cheating on me and I was in a dark period. My brother suggested that I call Jo Anne. I got the right lawyer, when I hired her. Jo Anne is one tough lawyer, a pit bull who doesn’t let anyone stand in her way. Within 3 months, I was divorced with a fair result. I have never looked back! Jo Anne is the lawyer to hire if you want to win. She is the best of the best.”




Clifton R, CPA & small business owner

“Jo Anne is a trusted friend. She had a keen awareness and understanding of the issues that I faced in my divorce being a small business owner. Within six months I was divorced, had a fair division of assets and was free to move forward with my personal life. I have Jo Anne to thank for this.”

Paul Ingallinera

“Two lawsuits, $150,000 claim against me, fired from my job of 15 years (as GM of a measurement laboratory business), without cause and the death of a loved one. I did not know what to do. I don’t think even Oprah could have helped me. Fortunately, a close friend introduced me to Jo Anne Bruzgul, a well-respected Chicago attorney. And as I found out so much more.

Jo Anne fought to protect my rights and as a result of her relentless defense, the Judge dismissed one case and the partner dropped the other case against me. She not only passionately fought for my cases, Jo Anne Bruzgul fought for me. She coached me on how to live my life under such stressful conditions. She didn’t just change my situation, she changed my life. I would absolutely use her again and definitely recommend her to anyone who wants great results.”

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