Pre-Divorce Planning

Pre-Divorce Planning

Before embarking on a divorce, careful pre-divorce planning can protect you and your children during the process and assist in discovering assets.

What are the areas to consider before you proceed?

We will assist you to take stock and create an action plan regarding:

  • Breaking the news to your spouse and your children
  • The marital home and living arrangements
  • Parenting time, duties, responsibilities and parenting plans
  • Interim child support and spousal support
  • Living expenses and legal fees
  • Bank accounts and liquid assets

What can I expect?

You can hope that you and your spouse can agree on a settlement but you should also prepare for litigation. Consider how your spouse will react. If you worried about domestic violence or stalking, you may need a restraining order. Will your spouse take the children or retaliate in other ways? Can you reach a settlement or do you expect a courtroom battle? Pre-divorce planning will pay off and our experienced divorce professionals will guide you through the process.

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