Domestic Violence & Orders of Protection

Domestic Violence

If I am the victim of domestic violence what can I do? 

No one should have to endure violence or abuse in an intimate relationship. That’s not love. And it will keep happening.

If you have experienced domestic violence by a spouse, partner, boyfriend or family member, now is the time to act. Until you take control of the situation it will not change and may even get much worse. Such violence can be life endangering for you and/or your children.

Spousal abuse and domestic violence may be physical, or may take the form of threats, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, controlling behavior, economic deprivation, or stalking and harassment.

How can you help me if I am in an abusive relationship?

We will go to court with you to get an order of protection on behalf of you and your children to restrain the abuser from being near you and your children. We will also faithfully protect your interests in divorce proceedings or a contested parenting dispute. An order of protection forces the person to move out of the home and have no contact with you and your children. If the abuser violates that order, it is a criminal offense that can result in jail time.

As an aggressive trial lawyer, we will be your voice and get you out of an abusive relationship. For many years, we have advocated for victims of domestic violence. While usually women, we have also represented abused men. We are ready to help you. Just call us.

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