Child Support

Child Support

Child support is awarded to provide financial assistance for the wellbeing and care of children. 

Child support is for the financial benefit of children after their parents’ divorce or breakup. But money matters are emotionally charged. As a parent with much at stake, you need sound legal counsel.

Factors to consider in the award of child support are:

  • Time-sharing (percentage of parenting time)
  • Incomes of each parent
  • Accustomed lifestyle of the child
  • Day care expenses and health insurance
  • Camps, travel, tutoring and other extras
  • Private school or college tuition

Our role, as your attorney, is to ensure that the initial level of support is fair, sufficient and based on accurate information. We can knowledgeably address high-income cases exceeding Illinois’ statutory guidelines.

Can child support be modified after the divorce?

Yes, if there is a change in circumstances that justifies a child support modification, such as a new job, a health crisis, or a switch in custody arrangements. We frequently are asked to seek enforcement of support orders when one party, has failed to pay child support. These actions including contempt of court hearings and liens, levies or wage garnishment to collect support arrears.

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